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With a lifestyle connected with an urban routine, doing sports and searching for more hours on the outside, we developed a project to reuse Sail waste.

The partnership that has started more than a year ago, complements Quantum Sails' manufacturing process, transforming Sails leftovers - Which, even using plotter technology for cutting, vary from 5% to 15% depending on the material - into useful products for a more practical way of who seek to keep in movement.

The edition Echo Vela brings new winds, with huge personality and functionality, for new and exotic materials

Essential and practical products that are companions and fit perfectly on a daily basis. The first edition has 2 types of wallets that range in color and composition - Type 1 (CNH) carries only cards and Type 2 (RG) that carries cards and money -  and a reusable bag. The Echo Bag replaces plastic bags in shops and markets, does not occupy space in the bag and has excellent resistance. It is a special partner for beach days or to carry on the travel bag e besides that, it is easier to clean and dries fast.

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So you can carry new winds in favor
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We realize that one of the best features of a sailor is to improve ideas to become more practical to live a balanced life connected with nature. We understand the importance of sustainability nowadays not only for us but also for the planet.


So as sailors, why not challenge ourselves to transform Sails waste into a new product?


The project that involved everyone in the company, enabled us to improve our connection inside the business, create more awareness of our surroundings and also gave us the opportunity to give back to the environment and the sport that we are so grateful for.

In a light, functional and practical way, we develop products carrying sailing with us no matter where.

Martina Protskof Szabo

Partner and respons